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Beautiful Chaos: Transforming Commercial Spaces through Texture and Color

Texture and color are two of the most important tools in every designer’s toolbox. Unfortunately, in most design projects, you typically sacrifice one to achieve the other. Not anymore. Make your interiors sing – or whisper – with the transformative yarn composition and limited color choices of our latest carpet tile: Disruptor™ + Teleport™.

An experiment in texture, Disruptor + Teleport feature a sophisticated assortment of twisted yarns, cabled and bundled, that produce dramatic depth and movement on the floor. But the carpet tiles’ true magic is in its use of COLORCAST™, Bentley’s ultimate tool in color flexibility that matches color from any source, including paint chips and fabric swatches. The only limit is your imagination.

Use the standard palette of 12 subtle and bold colorways, which are simply a conversation starter, or choose a combination of neutrals for tranquil elegance, or vibrant hues for an energetic rush.

Disruptor + Teleport move with – and within – a space, adding visual impact to all that surrounds the two designs. The voluminous, tightly twisted yarn bundle creates the illusion of folded pleats as it rises to the surface of each design. Teleport’s mid-scale, graphic pattern floats softly into a swell of textural elements as it transports in and out of view. In contrast, the thrashing, seismic energy of Disruptor appears etched from the surface.

Transfix and transform your next project with texture AND color. There are no rules here – only possibilities.


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