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Designing for Wellness by Christi Hitch, VP of Business Development

In the last decade – and especially last year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – society’s focus on wellness has intensified. It’s a hot-button issue that extends across a variety of design segments, from corporate workspaces to healthcare. Senior living, in particular, has embraced wellness in facility design, supporting a larger movement to address shifting expectations and mindsets toward aging, while also keeping residents safe, happy and thriving.
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Education is Changing – Here’s How We Are Changing with It by Angela LuMaye

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced changes in the way several industries operate — and education is no exception. Most classrooms and learning environments that students returned to this year have an entirely different look and feel than those they abruptly left last spring. Yet, teachers and staff are challenged with creating the same level of comfort and safety in their classrooms under wildly different circumstances.
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6 Questions with Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson is Western Washington’s go-to source for carpeting. Since joining the Bentley team in 2016 as the sole representative in Seattle, Michelle has grown market share over 500%. Her hard work has recently led to several awards, including the Rise-Star award in 2018, the Pinnacle Award for the Western Region in 2019, the IIDA NPC Industry Professional of the Year 2020 and the Bentley Mills Salesperson of the Year Award for 2020. Now Michelle faces the challenge of selling in a unique market during very unique times. In this Q+A, Michelle discusses how her approach has changed since the pandemic, what makes Seattle such an exciting market to sell in, and some of the secrets to her sales savviness.
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Palette Series No. 8

Sunset is not simply a daily occurrence, it’s also a state of mind. It’s calming moments that end the hours behind us, while at the same time preparing us for the new energy of the night. It’s the brightness and warmth of the sun expertly blended with the rich, darkness of the horizon. No matter where you are in the world, sunset is a magically and mysterious transition that envelopes the senses and sets the stage for the dawn of a new day.
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Three Cuts Make a Roll: Sales Master Wendy Jorgensen on How to Stay Resilient

Not everyone is cut out for sales. Even superstars are challenged – by competitors, market conditions, customer demands. But according to Bentley’s 2017 Sales Person of the Year, attitude is everything. Wendy Jorgensen, saleswoman extraordinaire from the bustling Big Apple and a finalist for this year’s Interior Design HiP Seller award, is a true believer in mind over matter. It’s what keeps her resilient – and successful.
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8 Questions with… Tracy Hiner, LA Artist & Entrepreneur

Inspiration is everywhere. But it’s people who intrigue and influence us most – especially those who are so passionate about what they do and why they do it that it’s contagious. You can’t help but be moved. At Bentley we surround ourselves with people just like this. Often purposefully, but sometimes, by chance. Being part of the big but small world of design is helpful in that way. But we like to think being in Los Angeles gives us an added edge.