Bentley Rocks L.A. – Transforming Nearly 75 Designers into Rock Stars for the Night

Bentley is committed to collaboration – and embraces its transformative impact on confidence, productivity, and growth. To help our clients tap into the positive power of collaboration, we partnered with Antron and Banding People Together to compose a CEU-accredited event for 75 designers, held September 27th in L.A. at the Edison.

Banding People Together, a super group of collaboration experts, led the event with interactive training to teach the designers how to amp up their productivity by creating collaborative environments. Why is learning to collaborate so important and worth three CEU credits? The group says collaboration is complex because there are no “rules of the road.” Collaboration is achieved through voice, contribution, and commitment – skills all designers need.


Banding People Together, whose leaders are all successful music industry veterans and entrepreneurs, facilitated the event with the ultimate tool for uniting people: music.

To get the process rocking and rolling, the band members started the session off with an opening number and then moved into establishing a new language with the attendees around process and collaborative personalities. From there, three tour buses transported the designers from the venue, The Edison (an elegant, renovated power plant), to a secluded area where the collaboration commenced.

Each of the three groups was paired with a band member and tasked with creating a band name, writing a song and practicing with their new “band members.” Banding People Together uses songwriting because it connects the rational and non-rational thinking required to achieve True Collaboration. With 15 – 30 people writing a song together, it’s alignment that captures the heart and souls of the people in your group, which is worth more than CEU credit!


Designers learned how to maximize their individual contributions, how to create alignment and how to leverage collective strengths of a group – all with a collaborative groove. Once back at The Edison, each group’s skills were put to the test when they performed their original song for the crowd with their Banding Leader.

The night wrapped with dinner, drinks, music, and cheers to collaboration, Bentley, and new bandmates.



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