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From keeping us in order (red means “stop” and green means “go”) to conveying structure (think maps and color-coded lists) to expressing our moods – color is a powerful influence in our everyday lives. We live and breathe fashion, color and interiors, and we’re always looking ahead to what’s next. We provide designers with colorways that enable them to unleash their creativity, while still delivering a trendy – or timeless – aesthetic that their clients will adore.

We have good news for our designer friends who are loving pops of colors in their interiors. We’re continuing to see color really happen. So which colors will be the MOST popular in 2019?

Blue and Green

Blue and green were popular colors this year, and we predict this will continue – but not in quite the same way. Blue will become warmer and shift toward green, and we’ll start to see blends of blue and green (think teal) make its mark. Over the past few years, green has swayed more khaki, but it’s starting to get more saturated. Expect more of a racing green or forest green. Used as an accent color, this hue has been a long time coming.

Neutrals and Metallics

Let’s face it. Neutral is classic and will ALWAYS be in-style. However, during different time periods, neutrals can fluctuate between warmer or cooler. There’s currently a high demand for taupe and mink hues, which we believe will continue throughout the year. When we make color predictions, we look at what’s going on in the world, and in times of uncertainty, people like more warmth.

Subtle metallics aren’t going anywhere either. We’re getting positive feedback on our high luster yarn, which gives just the right pop of shimmer.

Plum and Copper

Plum and saturated red/purple combinations are popping up too, primarily in fashion and home décor. While those are more disposable markets, we shouldn’t be surprised to see more of these colors in commercial interiors too. Also, expect copper to become a staple in commercial interiors in 2019.

Quirky Mixing of Color

Something we’re excited about for interior design in general (not necessarily for the floor) is more mixing of colors. Combinations – like copper and navy blue, and racing green and mustard – will become a norm. While these may seem like unexpected pairings, with the right neutral foundation and in the right hues, they can work magic for your design.



So, here’s to more color experimentation in 2019!


Keep your eye out and let us know: what are your color predictions? Contact us through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.



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