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Drawing Design Inspiration from Unexpected Sources

Whether you’re crafting marketing content or industrial mechanisms, creating desert vacation homes or commercial carpet, design ideas can come from anywhere – at any time. Independent D.I.Y. architect, Robert Stone, recently shared the inspiration behind his secluded and abstract, deserted (literally) vacation rental, Rosa Muerta, located in Joshua Tree, CA. – a modernism that shows the pathology and scars accrued over a century of cultural use and misuse.

Inspiration isn’t a scientific process; it’s seated in personal perspective. And often, it’s found in unexpected places. Bentley’s product designers are a testament to this; the inspirations behind our carpet styles are as diverse – and as interesting – as they are. A cross-country drive provided the vision for New Bohemian. Hidden, forgotten and reinvented places in and around L.A. gave (los)t angeles its grit meets glamour vibe.

Most of the time, inspiration isn’t obvious. It’s something you uncover, experience and interpret. Look for inspiration in unexpected places. And when you find it, capture it. Take pictures. Jot down notes. Create mood boards and lookbooks. The next time you’re searching for a muse, get out of your comfort zone and check out these five sources.

  1. Art is often provocative and emotional, from period paintings to modern sculpture. Take a quiet walk through a gallery or museum and you may be surprised by what strikes you.

Antique Constellation Map


Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama | The Broad Museum – Los Angeles

2. Fashion trends often reflect the sentiment of our culture at any given time. Take a close look at colors, textures and patterns.

marie_antoinette f7d62d9e2725468e4ef497ad1c53deab marie_antoinette_1762a

01-fenty-x-puma-2017-rtw 24-fenty-x-puma-2017-rtw


Fenty X Puma inspired by Marie Antoinette

3. Nature is as bountiful as it is ever-changing. It may seem cliché, but it rarely disappoints when it comes to sparking creativity.


Joshua Tree National Park

Rising Chair by Robert Van Embricqs


Beaver Creek, Alaska


The River Collection by Greg Klassen

4. Architecture tells interesting stories from every angle. Study the shadows, the aging wood, majestic arches, sharp lines.


Acido Dorado by Robert Stone located in Joshua Tree, CA



Rosa Muerta by Robert Stone located in Joshua Tree, CA


5. Cityscape is full of color – literally and figuratively. Look beyond the surface and you’ll likely discover fascinating nuances of urban life.



Huelle+FuelleZalando LoungeBerlin Otkober 2015

Huelle+FuelleZalando LoungeBerlin Otkober 2015

hHuelle+FuelleZalando LoungeBerlin Otkober 2015

hHuelle+FuelleZalando LoungeBerlin Otkober 2015

Remember, it’s not where you take things from, it’s where you take them to. What’s your best source of inspiration?



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