Neocon 2019


Define the verb “sort,” and words like separate, classify and categorize come to mind. That’s great for laundry, but not for humans. Yet, so many of us “sort” the people around us – labeling and grouping them based on gender, skin color, political affiliation and who they love. It may not be intentional, but it’s done. Daily. Bentley urges us to stop sorting – and start celebrating what makes each of us different, unique, special, distinct.

This message doesn’t get lost in the wash with Bentley’s new signature products from The Sorted Collection. Two broadloom patterns – Misfit™ and Square Peg™ – harmoniously interact with Typecast™, its carpet tile-only counterpart, while maintaining the unique characteristics that allow each to be unapologetically atypical.

The old saying “Square Peg, Round Hole” gets a whole new meaning in The Sorted Collection’s signature pattern – Square Peg™.  Providing a common ground for square and round elements alike to coexist, Square Peg boasts a back-to-basics construction that focuses on texture as the building block for patterns instead of relying of color as the only form of elaboration for tile and broadloom product.

Misfit™ – Despite its name, Misfit is a valued member of The Sorted Collection.  Functioning as the mid-scale option within the trio of patterns, Misfit provides sophisticated textural layering and thoughtful color application.   Available in Broadloom and Tile, Misfit is a versatile solution for a variety of functions and formats.

Typecast™ – It may seem like a simple texture, but Typecast is more than a one-trick-pony.  It’s a work horse.  With each colorway washing from light to dark, Typecast turns the tables and delivers an inverse companion of dark to light; providing the ability to create complex visuals without complicating installations.



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