Behind The Design,

Welcome to Julian Road

When Bentley Mills started writing its story more than 35 years ago, of course, no one knew exactly what the chapters would share, the twists and turns we would navigate, the peaks and valleys we would explore. But here we are today: California born and raised, the largest carpet manufacturer in the state and proudly producing quality, luxe products out of our LEED®-EBOM Gold certified facility. The same facility we’ve occupied since 1979.

Our story is ever-winding. It’s also global and far-reaching. But no matter where our journeys take us, every path leads back to our Los Angeles headquarters on the corner of Don Julian Road. And now we’re inviting you along for the ride.

This post is the beginning of Bentley’s blog, aptly named Julian Road. Here we hope to offer you a different and intriguing view into who we are and why we do what we do. It’s not just about the products we produce; more importantly, it’s about the people, the ideas and the sources of inspiration of those who make those products – and this company – possible.

We’re steeped in the SoCal culture of all things fresh, cool, edgy and innovative – topped with green-thinking. We thrive on what we see and experience in life every day and what we imagine every night. Get to know us. Behind the scenes. Beyond the carpet. On Julian Road.

Welcome to Julian Road



Bentley Mills Inc. is the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in California proudly operating out of a LEED®-EBOM Gold manufacturing facility. Sitting on the corner of Don Julian Road since 1979, Bentley is deeply immersed in the culture of Los Angeles. For more than 35 years, Bentley has defined design, color, quality, and customer service within the commercial design community and carpet industry.