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What Does Your Aura Photograph Say About You?


Aura photography is a high-tech bio-feedback imaging camera that takes a photo of your dynamic electromagnetic field.

The photo taken is a window to your inner self. You can see and get in touch with what is going on in your personal space. Your aura is as individual as your fingerprint and understanding it is a powerful aid in expanding your intuitive awareness. The aura photo provides you with this opportunity. Use it as a self discovery tool to help gain a deeper understanding of your special chakra energy. Each chakra shown in the photo reveals a particular aspect of your personality and has a specific meaning just for you. It is your own truth. Your personal aura photograph can foster a desire to learn more about your chakra colors – what they mean and how they affect you. It is an opportunity to understand more about your E S S E N C E. Your chakra colors do change as you change.


Researchers led many people through different emotional and mental states through suggestions, visualizations and memories. In order to obtain a color data base, they were asked to attune to different states of feeling. They recalled these feelings by visualizing and experiencing memories of childhood events, possible accident flashbacks, and important happenings in their lives.

These feelings and experiences were translated by a series of experiments. It was established that there are connections between certain resonance areas in the hand. These areas pick up the electromagnetic energy which matches acupuncture points in the hand. It was then possible to generate a photo of the aura.

This is accomplished by fine sensors which scan and measure the energy/vibrations of the hands. This energy is translated into the different chakra colors. i.e. 4500 vibrations = red; 6000 vibrations = orange, etc. This information is then transferred into the camera where the energy is counted and imprinted onto the aura photo. In other words: VIBRATION = COLOR = ENERGY


PINK (Anywhere in the Aura)

Pink is the energy of love, a happy combination of strength and passion. Pink denotes all the positives we associate with love when we give compassion, thoughtfulness and loyalty to those around us. With this happy caring color we find a way to be forgiving and to forgive ourselves. Pink in the aura is quite rare and usually appears as a temporary thought, not as a dominant aura (chakra) color.

Pink in the aura denotes a refined individual who likes beauty and artistic endeavors. You could not be negative, dogmatic or aggressive for any length of time. You are a good companion, a nurturer with a loving and caring heart.

If you feel over-burdened with responsibilities and people who are trying to put their problems on you, it is an excellent time to finally learn to say “no”. You find it hard to turn people down. Recognize that your own needs must be satisfied also. If this applies, take steps to develop your confidence and learn to express yourself comfortably. Within this chakra there is also a determined vibration to be recognized and brought forth. Get in touch with that inner strength. You could also be experiencing problems with material issues.

Pink in the aura shows a loving and caring nature. A nurturer. Sometimes you could be unrealistic with a tendency to over or underestimate the reality of a situation. With pink, you strive to maintain balance and positivity.

RED (1st Chakra/Root)

The root chakra is the first chakra and is located at the base of the spine. It is the root of your being and establishes the deepest connections with your physical body, your environment and the Earth.

Reds are comprised of whatever grounds them to stability in their life. This includes basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and safety, as well as emotional needs such as letting go of fear. When these needs are met, they feel grounded and safe, and tend to worry less day to day. Red is responsible for the sense of safety and security on this earthly journey.

In harmony Reds are energetic, optimistic, honest and loyal. They outwardly radiate strength and persistence and have an intensive desire to live life to its fullest extent. A Red’s purpose in life is to completely experience the physical world with joy, courage and energy. Reds can show humanity the power and strength of a human being.

Typical Occupations: Leaders, Sales People, Enterprising Productivity, Entrepreneurs.

ORANGE (2nd Chakra/Sacral)

You want to be successful in whatever you do. You look for stimulation and seek to experience life to the fullest. The challenge is to win. You enjoy interaction with others but do not have a strong need for deep relationships. Projects, adventures, freedom and independence are important. You enjoy working individually rather than a team effort. What others may think of you is not a particular concern. Prefer short term or individual jobs to long-time commitments or safe occupations.

Oranges are good problem solvers as they are able to view, recognize, and calculate all possibilities needed and then take action. You love to express your powerful creative life energy into many avenues. Oranges could have a problem relaxing enough both physically and mentally to adequately get to know themselves and recognize who they are emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Typical Occupations: Business, Sales, Designers, Body Workers, Entrepreneurs, Organizers, Theatre.


YELLOW (3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus)

Their primary motivations are enjoyment, entertainment and creativity. Yellows are intelligent, enjoy working with the mind discussing all aspects of life from politics to spirituality. With all that energy, it is difficult for them to sit still for long periods of time. They enjoy working with their hands. They have a childlike, curious way of being – maybe not really wanting to grow up. That results in them looking younger than they actually are.

Your body is your energetic-antenna. With all the tech info in our society, you could go into overload. A yellow body never lies. It always shows the truth. Because of this bodily sensitivity, a yellow can be drawn to addictive behavior. Activities such as exercise will release endorphins and give the “feel good” positive qualities you are looking for.

Yellows can be easily recognized by their spontaneity, humor, and the need to always be active and on the run. They are sensitive and intuitive through their physical bodies and also through their touch.

Typical Occupations: Business, Marketing, Design, Sports, Artists, Massage or Healing fields.

GREEN (4th Chakra/Heart/Thymus)

Self-esteem, growth, connection. The heart is the love center of our human energy system and its lesson is for us to accept love, success and prosperity. The wounded child” resides here as a result of past hurtful situations such as abandonment, grief, divorce, heartbreak and physical illness. Learning to love yourself is a powerful first step in securing a healthy 4th chakra. The key here is to cultivate the most important relationship in your life. Look in the mirror! When relaxed, you have a quieting effect on others.

When in the aura, changes are occurring bringing things into balance – which means you are closer to goals. To be harmonious, align your dreams to be in service to the greater good.

One of the life purposes of greens is to experience as much as possible and to accomplish as much as possible. They need to learn that life can be easy, elegant and fun but must give up their emotional need to be perfect.

Typical Occupations: Teachers, Counselors, Doctors, Psychologists, all professions connected with humans animals and nature.

BLUE (5th Chakra/Throat)

The 5th chakra reveals a holistic thinker who lives in the realm of feelings and emotions. One who explores various concepts of spirituality. Blues hold all the alternative solutions to a problem which makes it hard to make a decision. They receive so many wonderful and amazing solutions that they can get bogged down in details. Frustrating to know the answer to a problem and not know how it got there. Their greatest gift is intuition, so focus and intention are skills that must be applied.

Blue is the color of expression suggesting you could be a teacher, do public speaking or maybe good at expressing yourself. People with a great deal of blue are often very sensitive and quite supportive of others. In their world emotion is first and expression is through laughter and tears. A true blue is the best friend one could have. A possible problem is they give so much of themselves with maybe not so much return that they are susceptible to the “blues”.

Typical Occupations: Nurses, Caretakers, Priests, Housewives, Child Caretakers, Social Workers, Teachers, Therapists, Consultants, Healers, Secretaries, Accountants.


INDIGO (6th Chakra/Pineal/3rd Eye)

The 6th chakra is involved in connecting with Spirit and developing psychic or intuitive development. This peak chakra of vision uses intuition to clarify life’s purpose. It connects with imagination, life, dreams, and daydreams. Activate this visionary capacity and open a clear path to your future. It is the pathway of possibility and the seat of intention. Indigos have a highly sensitive physical, emotional and psychological system. They question and challenge old dogmatic beliefs and methods and show others ways of rethinking old beliefs and values.

Because of their sensitivity in feeling others’ pain and problems, they must be careful in their social interactions. Indigos prefer to meet with people on a basis of spirituality and love. Indigos are most successful when they know they are being aware and living the highest truth of which they are capable.

Typical Occupations: Spiritual Healers, Teachers, Musicians, Artists, Social Workers, Writers.

VIOLET (7th Chakra/Crown/Top of the Head)

Knowledge & Enlightenment. Violets are dynamic, charismatic, visionary and powerful personalities. Their task or mission in life is to lead and inspire mankind and guide them into a new age of prosperity and wholeness. Most violets have an inner and driving urge of do something important with their lives.

Violets possess both knowledge and intuition. They are futurists and see the bigger picture without getting bogged down with details. They may seem cold and aloof or unapproachable from the outside but inside they are emotional, sensitive and filled with passion. They can give the impression of high self-esteem and confidence but that does not necessarily mean they honestly feel that way. Violets often have doubts coupled with feelings of insecurity.

Their largest challenge are to trust their intuition and inner vision and mellow their tendency toward perfectionism. Fulfilling their destiny means living a spiritual life so that they will understand the Universe will take care of them and provide them with everything they need.

Typical Occupations: Actors, Musicians, Artists, Lecturers, Producers, Directors, Psychologists, Spiritual Teachers, Politicians, Inventors.

WHITE (8th Chakra/Crown)

Spirituality & Universal Concepts. All colors unite in white light. White contains the entire color spectrum. We can see all these colors as in a rainbow or when white light falls through a prism. Whites are closer to God than all other color personalities. Their highly developed minds function on an intuitive and spiritual basis rather than an analytical basis. They are energetic chameleons and easily take on the characteristics, emotions and thoughts of others.

Conscious whites use this ability to understand and heal themselves and others. If unconscious, they tend to absorb or take in another’s energy. They can begin to behave like the other person and get to the point of knowing what the other person is thinking. Consciousness and awareness are their powerful tools. They are natural healers and vibrate at a very high level. Just being in their white clear energy field can heal others around them.

Whites need a great deal of time and space for themselves to meditate, reflect, nurture and balance. They need to go within to clean and recharge their own life energy batteries.

Typical Occupations: Healers, Spiritual Counselors, Healing and Teaching professions.

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