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Why Collaborate? Creating More Collaborative Cultures in A&D and Beyond

Collaboration. A buzzword du jour – but one that truly matters for just about everyone in any industry. It’s proven to boost productivity, spur creativity and elevate engagement. It’s redefined how we work as a team. How we innovate. How we design and utilize space. Collaboration is pretty powerful. It’s also much easier to talk about than to do.

Earlier this year at Bentley’s annual sales conference, we hosted Banding People Together, a “super group of collaboration experts,” who use music to teach others how to better collaborate. The experience was so inspiring and valuable that we’re now partnering with Banding People Together and Antron to facilitate CEU-accredited workshops with clients (we held one in L.A. in October with more to come!). It’s a big investment, but the reward of helping infuse our industry with more collaborative people is so much bigger.

Whether you’re an interior designer, commercial carpet designer, sales professional or simply someone who works with other people (isn’t that almost everyone!?), collaboration skills are a must. Here are a few thoughts on why:


  1. Collaboration is an attitude. Without the individual mindset that sharing, supporting and creating as a team is important, collaboration tools and processes don’t matter.
  2. Collaboration strengthens your network. It’s not just internal groups you need to work more effectively with, but external partners too. Collaboration is the special sauce that erases the lines between teams inside and out of your organization, and helps create a single team working toward a shared goal or purpose.
  3. Collaboration inspires learning – through success and failure. Not every collaboration will be positive, productive or profitable. But you’ll take away something valuable from every experience. Never stop learning!
  4. Collaboration builds confidence. Every time you collaborate, you increase your capacity to extend beyond your comfort zone. And when you stretch boundaries, you discover new and exciting things – about yourself, about others, about business. Be secure in who are and what you bring to the table.
  5. Collaboration creates opportunities. The old adage, “two heads are better than one” applies here. Simply put, more effective problem solving happens when you combine forces – talent, experience, finances, etc. There is power (and growth potential) in being a part of greater whole.

Look behind any creative success story and you’ll likely find a great team, a group of passionate people who raised each other’s game. How do you collaborate?



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